TrendFlex Score & TrendFlex Signals for 3/31/2017

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TrendFlex Credit Risk Premium Signals (CR)

TrendFlex Classic CR signal shifted to Buy at the 3/28 market close (opening trade price at 3/29 market open). The short trade gained 0.4%. The longer-term Allegiance signal remains Long.  

TrendFlex Signal Trend  Date  Return

S&P 500  Return

S&P 500 timing signals based on credit risk (CR) premiums (corporate vs.Treasury debt). 
TrendFlex Classic CR Long 3/28/17 +0.3% -0.3%
TrendFlex Allegiance CR Long 4/13/16 +17.0% +17.0%
Historic Performance        


TrendFlex Score

The TrendFlex Score increased to 1.58 and remains above its three-week moving average, a bearish development.  


TrendFlex rlowing Signals (TF)

The TrendFlex Classic TF and Allegiance signals remain in Uptrend.     The Classic signal remains near a neutral score.

TrendFlex Signal Trend  Date  Return

S&P 500  Return


S&P 500 timing signals based on a weighted score of US Market technical indicators. Classic (short-term) and Allegiance (intermediate to long term).  Score:  Bullish = 1.0-1.75; Neutral = 1.75-2.25; Bearish = 2.25-3.0

TrendFlex Classic TF  Uptrend 11/8/16 +10.4% +10.4% 1.70
TrendFlex Allegiance TF Uptrend 5/31/16 +12.5% +12.5% 1.25
Historic Performance          


Baseline Analytics Extremes

Baseline Analytics Extremes highlights four key TrendFlex Indicators and their level of extreme readings.  The key indicators include the following:

  1. CBOE VIX and Put/Call Ratio
  2. TED Spread
  3. LQD vs. S&P 500 GAP reading

When one or more of these indicators has reached an extreme reading, chart and commentary will follow.  This week, there are no extreme readings in the Extremes technical indicators charts. 

The Portfolio Strategies chart remains bullish, with an edge toward risk-aversion.  A short position in an S&P 500 e-mini future contract, for example, is one strategy to help hedge long positions.   

Portfolio Strategies*
Reduce Longs
 Sell Calls
 Hedge Longs
Set Stops on Longs
Short Overbought Equities
 Add to Longs
Sell Puts
Hedge or Reduce Shorts
 Long Futures and Options

 *Red highlighted items are recommended strategies


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Index & Sector ETF Signals - 3/31/2017 Update

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