Index & Sector ETF Signals - 9/08/2017 Update

TrendFlex signals for the major index and sector SPDR ETF's below are based on a trend-following system filtered to identify the "risk" to a change in the trend. 

Major Index ETF's 

 Symbol  Trend

Trend Change Risk

 DIA Bullish Hi Increased risk of pullback
 SPY  Bullish Hi

 Increased risk of pullback

 QQQ Bullish Med Tradding range; attractive entry
 IWM Bullish Med Bouncing from support
 DBA Bearish Low Way oversold; can't seem to find a bottom
 GLD Bullish Low Attractive contrarian position; but lingering trading range
 VGK Bullish Low Working toward new high
 UUP Bearish Med Seeking major support
 TLT Bullish Med Continued trading range
EEM Bullish Low Bullish breakout

 Sector SPDR ETF's

 Symbol  Trend

Trend Change Risk

XLK Bullish Med Atttractive entry
XLU Bullish Hi Overbought
XLI  Bullish Hi Increased risk of pullback
XLB Bullish Med Attractive entry
XLV  Bullish Med Attractive entry
XLE Bearish Hi At major support; potential bounce here
XLP  Bullish Hi Threatening support
XLY Bullish Hi Increased risk of pullback
XLF  Bullish Med Attractive entry after modest pullback



ETF Technical Leaders

The following table represents ETF's that are in bullish trends and represent technically attractive reward-to-risk entry points (for example, we will shy away from adding an overbought ETF). Although these ETF selections have been pre-screened, investors are advised to pursue their own research to determine whether they are appropriate for their portfolios. Selections are time-sensitive and represent short-term swing trading opportunities that may or may not follow-through on a longer-term basis. In addition, selections may be voided once a market trend change has occurred based on the TrendFlex signals. Visit our FAQ's  for more suggestions regarding ETF Zone. Check back frequently as additional ETF's may be added to the week's list. 

Symbol Rationale Close Date Added
RSX Basing at 50-day moving average; attractive entry 20.49 8/24/17
EWI iShares Italy ETF inexpensive and possible long-term bottom formed 22.13 12/02/16
XLY Retracement from recent gains; attractive entry point 81.44 12/02/16 
XLV  Post-election catch-up;  nearing positive moving avg. cross (50 over 200 day)  70.49 11/11/16 
TrendFlex Score & TrendFlex Signals for 9/08/2017
TrendFlex Score & TrendFlex Signals for 9/01/2017

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