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Pushing Back to New Highs?

At the Thursday 9/22/16 market close, the TrendFlex Classic CR (Credit Risk Premium) signal shifted to a BUY.  See the updated chart below:


At the same time, our TED Spread indicator pushed to a high also.  We take this as an indication of traders and investors chasing the uptrend.  We will not fight the tape however, preferring though to sit on the sidelines and watch this transpire.

Here's TED.  Another jolt upward (and notice how positively-correlated with the S&P 500 over the last two weeks, varying from its typical pattern):



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What's TED Telling Us Today?

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The TED Spread has taken another leap to a new recent high at mid-day today.  Extremes such as this have preceded a decline in the S&P 500. Today's activity bears watching.  



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TrendFlex Score Update

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The TrendFlex Score settled today at 1.71.  This is neither an extremely high reading, or an extremely low reading.  The "neutral" measure of the score suggests that this recent setback may be rather orderly and not indicative of significant further selling. We are impressed with the sharp increase in VIX, as a close 25% above its 50-day moving average (today it was 31% above) is a contrarian positive. 


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TRIN Reveals a Buying (or short-covering) Opportunity

We look for a TRIN reading extreme as it surpasses its the 3.0 level.  Note that similar extremes preceded a turnaround in equities.  This behavior today convinced us to cover our e-Mini S&P 500 short hedge.  This may be just a short-term buy signal and we will review our other TrendFlex indicators to assess the health of the markets after this week's activity.



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TrendFlex Credit Risk Signal Flashed a new Sell

Although the trading day is not over, the TrendFlex Classic Credit Risk signal has shifted to a SELL.  Will provide another update following today's market close.



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TrendFlex Credit Risk Signal Turns Down

It's not quite a sell signal for equities, but note how the TrendFlex Credit Risk Premium indicator has shifted south toward its moving average over the last few days.

This signal's crossing of its moving average has generated S&P 500 trend signal changes since the indicator was established in 2011. This signal has generated a 101% return vs. a 50% return of the S&P 500 since May, 2011.

This bears watching over the next few days.



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TrendFlex Credit Risk Signal Turns Down

It's not quite a sell signal for equities, but note how the TrendFlex Credit Risk Premium indicator has shifted south toward its moving average over the last few days.

The crossing of the signal has generated S&P 500 trend changes since the indicator was established in 2011. This signal has generated a 101% return vs. a 50% return of the S&P 500 since May, 2011.

This bears watching over the next few days.



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New Month, New Dividends: Welcome September!

dvdsBaseline Analytics has refined a series of stock and ETF-screening algorithms that pinpoint timely, high-probability trades and investment opportunities.

The results of Baseline Analytics' stock and ETF screens are delivered in a downloadable Excel file.  This file can be sorted to identify various performance and technical criteria to help provide a further edge to your trading and investments. Instructions are provided to guide you through your review. Our goal is to deliver such opportunities at your fingertips, with minimal research and analysis needed on your end.  We do provide a link to Yahoo Finance for each of our timely picks should you want to delve further into particular equities or ETF's.

Baseline Analytics has published its list of the stocks going Ex-Dividend in September that exhibit favorable technical trends. Perhaps a dividend-payer or two will emerge as a timely, attractive investment. This list was developed following the 8/26/16 market close. 

This list is offered free of charge.  Please check out our Premium Services , currently offered as OPEN ACCESS!

Click here for the list.

Subscribers to Baseline Analytics receive our proprietary screens regularly, and this screen in particular will be honed even further for more targeted opportunities, including noteworthy fundamental and technical criteria.  Receive these updates as well as our TrendFlex family of market trend signals and risk assessment tools as a subscriber to Baseline Analytics.

Profitable investing!

Baseline Analytics

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3 Value ETF's for a Surging Market

Written by David Fabian of FMD Capital Management.   The stock market has now broken out to new all-time highs and many investors may be ill-positioned to take advantage of the latest surge.  Based on sentiment indicators, fund flows, and structural positioning the overwhelming momentum has been with defensive areas of the market.

The unrelenting decline in interest rates and grasp for yield has been a tremendous beneficiary to traditional safe havens.  Treasury bonds, utility stocks, REITs, low volatility indexes, and precious metals have all surged this year. 

But what about the areas that have been overlooked or just plain abandoned altogether?

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TED Spread Warning - 7/29/16

In our daily chart reviews we came across a rather disturbing chart on the "Ted Spread," a price spread of Treasury debt vs. the Eurodollar.

As seen in the chart below, peaks and spikes in the TED Spread have tended to precede declines in the S&P 500. Looking at yesterday's close (7/28/16), a spike in the TED Spread may be a warning that the equity indices may be peaking out.


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Index Trend Risk Updates - 7/29/16

Following the market close of 7/28/16, several Index and Sector ETF's have signaled shifts to a potential trend change, based on Baseline Analytics trend-following criteria.  Those ETF's include DIA, XLE, TLT, GLD, XLI and XLP. Click here to see the trend signal changes on our Index and ETF Signals page.

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VIX Extreme Update - 7/22/16

One of Baseline Analytics' key sentiment indicators in the behavior of VIX versus several of its moving average measures.  When VIX gaps well below its moving average, as seen in the chart below (note the blue circles), equity market conditions are ripe for a short-term setback. 

It should be no surprise as equities stretch to new highs, growing participation on the long side has sent VIX to sharply-lower levels.  We are maintaining our hedges to long positions based on this (and other) technical indicators that comprise our TrendFlex products.


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Dow Theory Divergence - 7/20/16 Market Close

DOW Theory looks for consistent trend performance between the DOW Industrials and the DOW Transports.

In a strongly-bullish environment, both move consistently with positive trendlines.  When one diverges from the other, a caution signal is flashed.  As you can see by the chart below, the DOW recently hit a new high, while the Transports are stuggling to form a base and have not yet achieved a high.

We consider this behavior as indicative of the risk level in today's equity markets.



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Short-Term Overbought Indicators in the S&P 500 - 7/15/16

Two key technical indicators utilized by Baseline Analytics suggest that it may be time to hedge long positions.

VIX has drawn well below its moving average, and the CBOE Put/Call Ratio has likewise fallen to an extreme low.  Both of these technical indicators are considered contrarian and typically flash at least a short-term pullback in equities.



As for the longer-term picture, indicators remain positive based on our TrendFlex Allegiance Score of 1.25 (1.0 bullish extreme; 3.0 bearish extreme).  Any short-term setback may settle the S&P 500 near the 2100 area.


Likewise, our TrendFlex Allegiance credit risk spread indicator is also bullish, and has gone sharply higher following the settling down of the Brexit news.

TFA071516 2

Strategy?  Hedge long positions in the short-term, but don't underestimate the strength of this market.  Valuations need consideration and with earnings looking so-so, the market may be edging toward an overvalued stance.  However, keep in mind the historically low interest rates when gauging equity valuations.


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TrendFlex Classic "Sell" Signal Alert - 6/16/16

Despite the S&P 500's robust recovery from this morning's lows, TrendFlex Classic II (our bond risk premium measure) has flashed a SELL signal. This underscores a higher risk profile in equities.  Preserving capital is key.


TFC Sell

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"Risk-Off" Trade Coming Soon?

TrendFlex Classic II is a short/immediate term signal, and is based on a credit risk-premium indicator utilizing a ratio of the iShares iBoxx Investment Grade Corporate bond Fund (LQD) and the 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF (IEF), compared to a moving average of the same ratio.  A cross above (bullish) or below (bearish) the moving average establishes the signal for the S&P 500.

Note in the chart below, the signal is nearing a "Sell" trigger for the S&P 500.  We will watch this indicator carefully over the next few days.

Trendflex 051116 

When stocks are risky, bonds tend to outperform.  Within that outperformance, “risk-free” U.S. Government debt tends to outperform corporate debt.  TrendFlex assesses this relative performance of government and corporate bond markets and has arrived at Classic II and Allegiance II (longer-term) timing indicators. 

Baseline Analytics and its TrendFlex Signals is currently OPEN ACCESS.  Visit our Premium Services (for FREE) on a regular basis!

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Index and Sector ETF Signal Changes - 5/3/16 Market Close

Markets can change fast.  Just as the major indices attempted to meet their recent highs, earnings and growth jitters led to a setback.

Baseline Analytics updates its Index and Sector ETF signal page daily as shifts in the technical character of the market emerge.  Click here to see the trend changes from the May 3, 2016 market close.

Baseline Analytics is currently OPEN ACCESS.  Visit our TrendFlex Score and Signals as well as our Index and Sector ETF page regularly!

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Gold's Glittering Technicals

Gold is getting interesting.  Perhaps it is due to a smidgen of inflationary signals and a firming commodities market, as well as a contrary play amidst the prospect of an overbought market ripe for a correction.

Tehnicals are in gold's favor.  Note on the monthly chart below, gold has retraced 50% of its gain from the 2001 low to its 2011 high.


On a weekly basis, the breakout looks reasonably firm, albeit a modest retracement of recent gains may be in order.  


Gold's price behavior suggests that a little bit of the yellow metal may not be such a bad addition to one's portfolio.  Yesterday, on our Index and ETF Signals page, we cited the "low" risk of a trend change from gold's bullish character.  Our TrendFlex Signals as well as our Index and ETF signals are currently OPEN ACCESS, so please visit frequently.

Best to your investing!

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Market Tour Update - 4/26/16

Special Notice: It is OPEN ACCESS time for Baseline Analytics Premium Services.  Enjoy at NO CHARGE!

Pushing toward new highs is typically a back-and-forth struggle, and this time is no different.  As the S&P 500 meanders toward the 2120 area, a few technical signals suggest that some form of capital preservation (or avoiding new longs) is in order.  Most particularly, as can be seen at the bottom of the chart below, VIX has found a footing near a recent low versus its 50-day moving average which, in the past, has preceded market setbacks. 


Stochastics are also correcting from an overbought basis, and KST, although strong and positive, highlights the waining momentum.  In the chart below, note the extreme hights of both the NYSE Advance-Decline ratio and the Summation Index.  It is market conditions like this that convince us to take a "reality check" and hedge long portfolios.  One such option is to short S&P 500 e-Mini futures to try at least to maintain stability in our portfolios.  Any blast of negative market news can lead to an unraveling of this push upward. 


One of the positive indicators supporting the uptrend has been our "bond risk premium" indicator (a component of the Trendflex Score).  this flashed a long signal for equities on March 1st.  Small caps and discretionary stocks also show strength, helping to support the "risk-on" trade.


In summary, it appears to be "make or break" time for equities.  Recent pullbacks early in the day have mustered strength to recover by day's end. Earnings jitters as well as today's Fed announcement have added an aire of caution.  We'll see if the waning momentum shifts to a new downtrend or simply continues to consolidate in a trading-range pattern. A convincing gain in the S&P 500 to the 2130-2140 area would be key to shift the consensus back to a firm uptrend.

It is OPEN ACCESS time for Baseline Analytics.  That means FREE access to our weekly TrendFlex Signals and TrendFlex Score, as well as our Index and Sector ETF technical signals.  Grasp the risk to a change in trend by following Baseline Analytics regularly. Go to our Premium Services menu tab above and select the content from the drop-down menu.

Best to your investing!

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Mind the TRIN Extreme

Longs beware. When TRIN (red line) breaches horizontal green or red lines, a potential trend change is likely.  Note how TRIN dipped below the horizontal red line, suggesting a bearish trend change shift, consistent with this indicator's past behavior.

trin 04192016

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