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Global and regional insight into economic and financial matters to drive investment strategy



Actionable investment ideas based on regional and sector news and research



Timely, targeted investment opportunities driven by macro, regional and sector developments


Asset Allocation

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TrendFlex Market Trend Risk Signals

Simplify portfolio allocation decisions with the Baseline Analytics TrendFlex. Gain wealth, keep peace of mind.  Try our low risk subscription.

TrendFlex delivers a simple, objective tool to assess the risk of a change in market trend. Our subscribers are Investment Advisors, Portfolio Managers and Individual Investors who use the TrendFlex tool to validate and adjust investment strategies and to participate on the right side of the market trend at all times.  A subscription to Baseline Analytics includes:

  • Proprietary stock and ETF screens, vetted investment ideas utilizing key fundamental scores, and portfolio allocation strategies. 
  • TrendFlex signals which provide an ongoing assessment of the equity market trend based on the S&P 500, and the risk of a change in trend.

Build wealth and protect capital by following the trend while remaining aware of the risk of a change in trend. Learn more about TrendFlex.


A Funnel Approach to Investing - A Macro Perspective to Micro Opportunities 

Baseline Analytics identifies timely trading and investment opportunities based on global, macro-economic research. From International and domestic index, sector and style ETF’s, to specific stocks, Baseline Analytics offers curated financial insight and premium-service trading and investment ideas.  Learn more about our unique approach to distilling the noise of daily market activity into simple, actionable trading and investment opportunities.